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Cycle Composer is a Software control for PAL Systems

Cycle Composer
Cycle Composer


  • Customized prep and load cycles
  • Multiple system injections for high throughput
  • Column switching and trace enrichment procedures
  • Online sample clean-up and sample derivatisation
  • Dilution steps including mixing, shaking, heating
  • Solid Phase Microextraction sample prep
  • Direct import of EXCEL spreadsheets
  • Complete third party software integration

The Cycle Composer software has a graphical workspace editor that allows the user easily to configure the workspace, accepting various micro plates (96 and 384 wells), 1ml micro vials or 2ml standard vials. These various formats may be matched or mixed within the workspace. Samples can be selected serially or randomly for processing. The "Point and click" operation quickly directs the user through programming steps that configure instrument setup, methods and sample lists. For routine daily use, no special programming skills are needed. The Cycle Composer software contains a library of common liquid handling procedures including sample transfer, reagent/standard addition, mixing and dilution steps.
Cycle Composer is a 32-bit Windows-based program that allows sampling cycles for the PAL System to be customized. It enables the user to go beyond the capabilities of the locally stored LC, GC, Headspace and SPME cycles. Virtually any conceivable sequence of operations can be generated and saved as Cycle Composer (CC) Methods. The program consists of a Method Editor, where the processing of a sample is defined, and a Sample List Editor, in which a sample sequence is created in a tabular format assigning the Methods to be run and giving the locations of the samples. The program accesses the PAL System directly via the serial port. The PAL System obtains information about which objects are available, and presents these objects as choices in the Editors. When a Sample List is run, the program takes direct control of the PAL System, executing the sequence of steps defined in each Method assigned to the current sample.
The Cycle Composer software is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Cycle Composer Software Revision 1.6.0 requires PAL Firmware 2.2.0, 3.0.X or higher.

PDF Summary of Cycle Composer

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