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Application Publications & Posters
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  Application Publications & Posters

Application Publications & Posters

LEAP is experienced in providing automation solutions for any process that gathers, treats and delivers samples to an analytical process. Liquid Handling is in most cases involved but we are not limited to that. We can also move, weight and image objects. Liquid handling includes spraying and printing besides the usual measuring, pipetting, injecting, mixing, heating or sampling of a variety of liquids. We have the ability to design, engineer, deliver and support simple but unique or complex but simple to use systems.
The LEAP Shell 3 software let’s us create solution specific sample lists and Shell 3 methods that synchronizes all instruments involved. We can provide complete locked-down systems to Value Added Resellers (VARs).
Combinations of instruments that we can supply are robotic sampling devices and LC pumps as front-end to LC-MS systems. Single and dual channel LC to one MS that save cycle time and therefore increase throughput are becoming standard Frontend Automation Bundles (FABs).

Custom Applications
LEAP can also make custom applications for your PAL Contact the LEAP office

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