High Throughput Sample Analysis using Multiple Column LC/MS/MS and Automated Method Optimization Techniques


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A 96 well plate, containing 8 different compounds and a simulated PK sample set for each compound were analyzed. Automaton[1] software was used to automatically create and optimize the MS/MS methods for each compound, and then execute the quantitative batch for each compound. Working together with Automaton, is Two-Stream Batch[2], a software program that allows two columns to be used for the analysis, ultimately leading to higher throughput for the overall analysis.

The PAL will inject the samples alternately into two LC streams using a TrioVS [3] at a specified time schedule and the mass spectrometer will acquire data for only a small section of the LC run for each sample. In this example all 8 compounds can be eluted over a 5 minute gradient analysis on one column. The time before and after compound elution can be saved through the multiple LC stream analysis method by selecting a 2.5 minute window.

TrioVS Plumbing Diagram
TrioVS Plumbing Diagram

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Poster Number TH-074 from Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex ASMS 2003

For other cost/time saving measures consider:

  • LEAP offers multiple choices of Valve Self Wash Stations to aid in cleaning the valve [4]
  • Dual Channel Serial Injection (M-001) using Analyst and ICC-CE [5]
  • Dual Channel Serial Injection with Front Cut (M-002) using Analyst and ICC-CE [6]
  • “Look Ahead”, sample prep before injection (M-004) using LEAP Shell Software [7]
  • Dual Channel Parallel Injection (M-005) using LEAP Shell software [8]
  • Summary of LC Multi Valve Applications [9]
  • LEAP Shell Software and application for custom injections and scheduling [10]

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