MALDI Spotter with the PAL


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MALDI Spotter with the PAL
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  MALDI Spotter
  MALDI Spotter with the PAL
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PAL MALDI Option General System Overview

The PAL MALDI Option micro collector/spotter is an add-on PAL module for micro scale fraction collection or MALDI Spotting together with any Capillary LC or Nanoflow LC system. The collection of very low volume fractions requires low delay volumes and high position accuracy of the capillary tip.

The PAL is equipped with the special MALDI Spotting attachment which is configured as show below. The tool holds the outflow of the Nano LC capillary tubing and when picked up by the PAL is positioned over the MALDI target plate so that eluting droplets are spotted according to the time interval set in the PAL Method.


Rapid and accurate identification and quantification of proteins is one of the goals of today's proteomics research. One key requirement for this approach is the ability to resolve the individual components of peptide mixtures prior to MS analysis. The challenge is to achieve high sensitivity with limited sample amount. This requires equipment that is specifically designed for separation at low flow rates and that allows the collection of small fraction volumes, even on MALDI targets.

The micro collection/spotting system PAL MALDI Option meets this challenge. It is an ideal tool for single or multidimensional chromatographic separation of complex peptide and protein mixtures for subsequent analysis by MALDI and/or ESI mass spectrometry. The offline combination of LC separation with MALDI MS analysis gives scientists significant advantages over the widespread online ESI/MS approach. LC/MALDI “freezes” the LC separation on the MALDI plate and allows MS/MS experiments without any time constrains. Intelligent decisions can now be made during analysis, allowing results-driven analysis without rerunning the sample. Decoupling the separation from the analysis gives the opportunity to optimize the separation performance and the total sample throughput.

Flexibility for LC/MALDI spotting on various target types from different vendors as well as collection into well plates (96 and 384). Probe positioning control of 0.1mm enables reproducible and robust collection of small fraction volumes from nl to the lower μl range. Matrix addition can be done either offline or online by premixing the matrix with the eluent. A Peltier cooling option prevents thermal decomposition and evaporation of the micro fractions. Intelligent hardware design guarantees lowest delay volumes down to a few nl to achieve optimal chromatographic resolution.

Specifications PAL MALDI Option Spotter

Compatible PAL instruments:

Fraction vessel capacity
HTS PAL 23 MTP or 11 Deepwell or 594 2ml vials (96 and 384 wells)
HTC PAL 11 MTP or 5 Deepwell or 270 2ml vials (96 and 384 wells)
(optional cooling to 4°C available)

MALDI Target Capacity
up to 46 depending on PAL instrument type and target vendor

Spotting Tip
Hydrophobic coated fused silica capillary

Spotting frequency
min. 3 seconds (20 spots per minute)

Delay volume
approx. 3μl with 1 meter PEEK Tubing ID 65μm (column in LC system)
approx. 10nl if column is installed inside MALDI Tool
(* lower delay volume requires tubing ID <65μm)

Flow Rate
20nl - 300μl
Transfer tubing kit
PEEK tubing ID 65μm / OD 1/16 inch
PEEK Nano Y-connector for 2 pcs. 360μm capillary tubing

Software control
Cycle Composer 1.5.3 or higher*
PAL Firmware 3.0 or higher
(*including example macros for Injection, Fraction Collection and Spotting)

Wetted Parts
All liquids compatible with PEEK, Fused Silica

Supported Targets
Bruker Daltonics, ABI/Sciex, Waters, Agilent

The addition of the PAL MALDI Option coverts the HTC/HTS PAL autosampler into a fully automated injector and fraction collector/ spotter. Collect onto any surface, including MALDI Targets and micro plates.
Key Features

  • Single device for sample injection and collection to MALDI plates
  • Fraction collection onto MALDI or micro plates
  • Re-inject collected fractions
  • Use as injector for Nano LC as well
  • All common MALDI targets supported
  • Time based fraction collection
  • Optional On-line matrix addition


PDF Summary of MALDI Spotter with PAL

LEAP can design MALDI holders for a variety of other vendors MALDI plates

Videos of PAL

LEAP's PAL Application Videos on YouTube
Proteomics Movie on YouTube

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LEAP Technologies provides fully automated sample processing workstation instrumentation solutions based on the LEAP CTC PAL X, Y, Z syringe only autosampler robot. This extremely flexible, precise, and adaptable liquid handling robotic platform is available in a variety of lengths and options depending on the requirements of your sample preparation and injections for your UHPLC, LC or GC chromatography. LEAP also offers process control systems and stand alone workstations. LEAP is an open, neutral resource for technical support of existing PAL. Keep your PAL in peak working order LEAP offers full support and service for the PAL platform with over 11 years of history with the PAL. LEAP can also write custom macros, cycles, and scheduling software for your specific applications. We're proud that LEAP is known as a productivity improver for laboratories including government labs in agencies such as FDA, USDA, EPA, FBI, Armed Forces, Homeland Security and others function more efficiently. Robotic sample prep equipment works well in government labs and challenges lab technicians to keep feeding those more samples. Analytical equipment such as chromatographs and mass spectrometers are expensive devices and also expensive to maintain. LEAP can help to keep them running and analyze samples around the clock. LEAP has most of its laboratory automation robots under GSAcontract and is eager to service and maintain everything it sells to keep your expensive lab equipment running around the clock. CTC Analytics Combi PAL and HTS PAL for Front-End Automation for LC and GC applications. LEAP offers customized on-site training. LEAP Is continuing to develop FAQ, Solutions, Tips & Techniques,a Learning Center with the LEAP Wiki for the benefit of all PAL Platform Robotic users. We will continue exceeding customer expectations for quality, cost effective and efficient results using the most current technology and expertise in our industry. Our aim is to be the ultimate knowledge base on everything related to the PAL. LEAP is known as the autosamplerguys being in business over twenty years. LEAP has extensive multi-vendor experience with integrating the PAL. HTX, HTS, HTC, HTX-xt, HTS-xt, HTC-xt, LC-Mini, Combi PAL,COMBI-xt PAL, and GC PAL models. We have the Quality, Training, Parts availability, Infrastructure, and Experience.LEAP is sometimes referred to as an Application Automation House who is continually adding new products and solutions to its Lab Automation line. As we do so we change the content of this web site so please check back.
Please contact LEAP Technologies on how we can help you get maximized throughput with flexible pipetting automation solutions whether it is our standard applications or customized to your needs. The Combi-xt PAL autosampler is able to perform liquid and headspace analysis. Headspace options include Solid Phase Micro-extraction (SPME) and ITEX-2 as alternative to purge and trap. The HTS-xt PAL autosampler dramatically increases sample throughput by offering automated sample prep, Peltier cooled and heated sample storage using the cooled stack, Peltier cooled and heated sample storage using the cooled stack and low carryover due to the self-cleaning DLW (Dynamic Load and Wash) module and L-Mark syringes, peltier cooled valves and columns. LEAP provides automation that fits your needs and reduces errors, increases sample capacity, increases efficiency, reduces cost by supplying long term productivity improvements with user friendly software and flexible hardware. LEAP performs just in time or on time sample prep and inject. LEAP offers full support of integrated and non-integrated PAL software with both sales and support for Cruise Control, Cycle Composer and Cycle Composer Macro Editor, Agilent ChemStation CTC Control, Mass Hunter and EZChrom CTC integration, Xcalibur, Waters Masslynx or Analyst CTC Control software, Thermo (Finnegan) XCalibur, LEAP Shell, and Chronos software. The PAL is more than just an autosampler, it is a high-quality and efficient laboratory robot platform that can be customized by LEAP Technologies to meet your specific needs.

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Contact LEAP

For additional information about LEAP and the PAL Platform, please contact LEAP Technologies.

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