Valve Active Self Washing


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Valve Active Self Washing
Application Type
  Washing LC Valve
Application ID
  Valve Active Self Washing
  Accessory Showcase
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Main Features

The Active Washstation consists of two self priming PTFE micro pumps mounted next to the valve drive, a special needle guide assembly and a tubing set including check valve. The IN ports of the pumps are connected to the wash solvent bottles. The OUT ports are connected to the waste port of the injection valve. After sample loading and valve switch the pumps are activated. Cleaning solvent flows through the valve groove, the inside of the needle seal and is aspirated with the injection syringe. After the selected syringe cleaning time the injection syringe needle is lowered and the remaining sample between valve waste port and check valve is flushed. As with the regular CTC Fast Washstation two different solvents can be used. (e.g. organic and aqueous). The Active Washstation setup enables entire sample flow path cleaning in backflush direction and rinses valve engravings, needle seal and syringe at the same time. It can be ordered optionally together with new instruments or as upgrade to existing HTS PAL / HTC PAL’s.

Performance Specifications

  • Pumps: 2pcs. Solenoid diaphragm pump, self priming
  • Wetted parts Pumps: PTFE and Perfluor
  • Flow Rate Range: fixed to ~50μl/sec.
  • In- Outlet pressure: max. 5psi
  • Lifetime: 20 million actuations
  • Transfer tubing kit: 2pcs. PTFE tubes 1/8 " including connection fittings
  • Solvent reservoir: 1000ml borosilicate glass including 10μm PEEK solvent filter
  • Wetted parts: All liquids compatible with borosilicate glass, PTFE, Kel-F, FEP


  • The PAL Active Washstation can be used with HTS PAL or HTCPAL instruments and one injection valve types VICI DCxWK conical, VICI Cheminert and Rheodyne PD series.
  • The PAL Active Wash station option can be operated with PAL firmware 2.2.4. It can be controlled either standalone or by Cycle Composer software 1.5 or higher including some of it's corresponding 3rd party instrument drivers.

Other Reference material

Active Wash Brochure

Accessories for the PAL

Other Accessories for PAL Robots

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Contact LEAP

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